Fourteen Years In Business
  • We had scheduled a temp for our office because we had one of our dental assistants out of town. No big deal, have had many temps before and always have been happy. This time it was no different. Great temp, jumped right in as if she was one of our own employees. Lunch came; she left the office and didn’t come back. We called Dependable Dental asking for them to call our temp to see where she was. Sometimes time goes by too fast, maybe she just lost track of it! Well… our temp came back from lunch, but to the wrong office, and they were shorthanded and kept her!

    Dr. S., Phoenix
  • Our office scheduled a temp dental assistant for a Friday. Dependable Dental scheduled this great temp, someone we had used in the past. When she showed up we were stunned to see she was in her Halloween Costume! She thought it was Halloween because her kids dressed up for school, but it was the 30th not the 31st! That was hysterical!