Fourteen Years In Business
  • I am a hygienist, and have worked in many offices, but never where there seem to be a ghost controlling my chair! After I would raise the chair, pick up my scaler, the chair would go down, seemingly on its own! It happed with every patient that morning, so in the afternoon, the manager moved me to another room to work use.. yep.. the ghost followed me! I spent the afternoon with that ghost and the moving chair in the new room too. I guess I am lucky it was a friendly ghost!

    Sandra, Mesa
  • It was my first day temping and I was taking xrays. I guess I was concentrating so hard I ran into the bar that was connected to the camera head first, and I split my for head open in front of a patient. I was so embarrassed and had the biggest headache but the picture came out perfect! That is not something I will do again!

    Christy, Surprise
  • Hi Rene, I have a tale for you...I was temping at a very nice office and right before one of my patients came in, several of the staff came back to ""warn me"" of my next pt. I was advised not to clear my throat or cough while providing treatment because the patient was a germophobe and would literally get up off the chair and walk out as he had done in the past. Of course, while I was providing treatment, all I wanted to do was clear my throat and cough! I had to get up several times and clear my throat and cough far away from the operatory!!!

    Julie, Phoenix
  • One day I went out on a temp job. About half way through the day a client came in whose name was very familiar to me. As we got to talking, we realized we were related. We exchanged phone numbers and later got together and were able to reunite our parents who had not seen each other in years. It is such a small world; you just never know who you will run across.

    Michelle, Gilbert